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If you are going through financial hardship and in desperate need of fast cash, then this article is for you.

Fast Cash | I Need Money Now

The COVID-19 epidemic caused the worst worldwide economic crisis in more than a century. The crisis caused a substantial rise in inequality within and across nations. During this financial crisis, about 43% of small businesses were forced to close [1], and many people lost employment.

Currently, numerous businesses and people are still trying to catch up and return to their pre-pandemic financial situation. These people are facing difficulties finding money to cover regular obligations and expenses. After rent/mortgage payments, groceries, utilities, and other recurring expenses have been deducted from your bank account; there may not be much money left over.

Finding fast cash through speedy loans seems a good option for people with dwindling resources and facing unexpected needs.

In this article, you will find solutions for fast cash if you are facing the “I need money now” situation.


Rapid Cash and Speedy Cash Loans

Anxiety and tension are normal responses when facing financial constraints. But after you cope with these temporary stressors, you will find that it is not the end of the world. Many fast cash loans and options can be found to help you get back on track.

Personal Loans for Fast Cash | Personal Installment Loans 

We will analyze several options for fast cash in this Article. However, applying for a personal loan (Personal Installment Loans) is the safest, quickest, and easiest option to obtain fast cash. Typically, these are unsecured fast cash loans for those with less-than-perfect credit scores. These are short-term installment loans without collateral. These fast cash loans may be for modest amounts, and the interest rates are often fixed.

With a personal installment loan, you can typically borrow more money than other quick-cash loan choices, such as payday loans. You will have more time to repay a personal installment loan. In general, borrowers have anywhere from a few months to a couple of years to repay the fast cash loan plus interest.

But as you know, not all personal loans are created equal: you need to connect with institutions sensitive to your current financial situation since traditional banks tend not to approve a person displaying financial struggle as it represents a very high risk for repayment.

And as ugly as it sounds, in traditional banks, to obtain a cash loan, you need to demonstrate that you do not need it. They can easily and quickly approve cash loan applications only if the solicitor has an excellent credit score and a solid financial status.

We have selected a group of excellent financial institutions specialized in personal loans that can quickly process your application and give you same-day results without excessive requirements and bureaucracies.

Fast Cash - Financial Freedom

These low-interest and short-term loans for rapid cash are very convenient for unexpected medical costs, car repair, or to get some bills out of the way. They are approved very quickly usually within 24 hours and do not require a perfect credit score.

Top Financial Institutions for Rapid Cash

Fast Cash | I Need Money Now

iCashLoans Short term – small loans

Short-term and small loans are available. Perfect for back rent, or just tight months.

AnyDayCash Short term – small loans

Network of lenders created to help consumers access money without hassle and wasted time.

Fast Loans Group Short term – small loans

With a fast online decision, usually within minutes, you could get the funds in your account as fast as 24 hours!

Loan Services USA Short term – small loans

Wide variety of flavored and unflavored CBD Oils (CBD tinctures or CBD oral drops).

GetFundsQuickly Short term – small loans

Personal loan lenders can help you get out of a short-term financial bind. Thousands of Americans use personal loans to pay for emergency expenses.
Fast Cash | I Need Money Now

24/7 DollarLoan Short term – small loans

Matches users with a lender within minutes for Fast Cash Loans up to $1,000. Very quick application and cash is available within minutes of applying.

Speedy Cash Loans Alternatives

Our suggested way for quick cash is through a personal loan using one of our selected institutions with low credit requirements and quick response. However, before making a formal legal agreement with a credit institution, you may want to explore other fast cash alternatives that we have listed below:

Ask Friend or Family for Loan

Friends and family are the fastest and cheapest option to get some cash quickly. You may even be offered no-interest loans with “pay-back-when-you-can” terms. The quick cash you have been looking for may reside next to you without a credit check and within 24 hours. But the relationship is at stake when finance dealing is involved. Be upfront about your repayment strategy and follow through. If you want to get formal, you can sign a simple loan repayment contract with your commitment. If you feel you can fail to repay this friendly loan, please don’t ask for the favor, as this may damage their future trust.

Sell Unwanted Possessions

We are always looking for opportunities to clean the house. Over the years, we accumulate many items we do not use, want or need, such as decoration items, musical instruments, mechanical parts and devices, furniture, and many other types. People are always interested in our old treasures and willing to pay quick cash for them. Garage sales are things of the past. Now, most selling is done online. The most popular online selling platforms are eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist.

 Use a Credit Card for a Quick Cash Advance

A cash advance on a good-standing credit card is a popular alternative to getting cash. You’ll pay around 5% of the amount you borrow plus 30% interest. 

Sell Spare Electronics

You can sell your old electronics to get cash, such as digital cameras, smartphones or tablets, on WeBuyBack, Gazelle, MobileMonster, Swappa, MobileGuru, or SellYourMobile as Gumtree, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace. 

Pawn for Quick Cash

Pawn Shop Loans are not the best. The pawn business keeps your collateral if you can’t repay the loan. However, they are an instant solution to get cash as they hand out the money on the spot. You can also sell to a pawn shop instead of borrowing against it. Popular items include jewellery, musical instruments, guns, and technology equipment.  

Freelance on Fiverr or Upwork

If you have technical skills or specialized abilities, such as utilizing artificial intelligence tools or any other modern technology, you can work freelance for Fiverr or Upwork. These are the most popular freelance marketplaces for writing, graphic design, and other services. Fiverr, for instance, takes 20% of gigs priced at $5 and more. 

Babysit for Fast Cash

Babysitting is not necessary for adolescents. Adults are more trusted to babysit for their experience and money-making abilities, like driving and cooking. If you’re good with kids, it’s a terrific way to earn money now. 

Drive for Uber or Lyft

Driving and meeting new people is a fast way to make money now. If your car is idle, you can transform it into a money-making machine. Driving for Uber, you can make around $15 per hour, while if you drive for Lyft, you can make around $17.50 – as per the publishing date of this Article). They both have a very sophisticated platform that manages all via phone applications. 

Rent a Room  

You can rent one of your rooms in your house for long-term occupancy or use an online rental platform – such as Airbnb – for recurrent short-term stays. Airbnb isn’t simply about renting out vacation properties. Many of the site’s listings are for extra or shared rooms in the owner’s home, so you might stay put while earning passive income. 

Deliver Take-Outs or Groceries

Online shopping has been trending for quite some time. Now there are plenty of opportunities to make quick cash by delivering groceries and the goods people purchase online. The most popular companies are Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Caviar. They are managed through an e-commerce application installed on your smartphone.


As described in the introduction, an emergency fund should always be your primary resource when navigating through unforeseen financial hardship. It is never too late to start a portfolio, and we encourage you to build a small reserve that can be used during difficult times. But if you are facing financial difficulties and need short-term funds, a personal loan can help get you back on track. 

The problem is that most credit institutions deny approval of loan applications from individuals navigating through financial hardships, especially if you are not employed or possess a bad credit score, not above 670 points. It is ironic, but it seems that you must convince the credit institution that you have stable financial status and are not at risk for loan repayment. 

It took our team quite some time, but we have identified a group of financial institutions specializing in personal loans that have been helping people with their financial hardships. Through one of these reputable institutions, you could connect to low-interest fast cash solutions without having an excellent credit score or outstanding financial status. These application processes are simple, and the results are usually obtained on the same day. 

However, before asking for a loan, please follow the procedures to guarantee you’re borrowing responsibly. There are many loans that you need to avoid, such as payday loans, title loans, lines of credit, and others. These loans are usually processed by conducting a background and credit check and requiring big collateral. Evaluate your situation, do enough research, and understand your options before requesting a loan. We trust that one of the loan institutions presented above can help you to stabilize your current financial situation and that you can shortly come back to prosperity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fast Cash Loans

How can I get fast cash now?

Applying for a personal loan (Personal Installment Loans) is the safest, quickest, and easiest option to obtain fast cash. Typically, these are unsecured fast cash loans for those with less-than-perfect credit scores. These are short-term installment loans without collateral.

How can I get fast cash without a loan application?

Before making a formal legal agreement with a credit institution, you may want to explore other creative alternatives to secure fast cash that you can perform right away, such as asking a friend or family for a loan; selling unwanted possessions; using a credit card for cash advance; selling spare electronics; working as freelancer in fiverr; babysitting; driving for Uber or Lyft; renting a room at your house using Airbnb or other online platform; and using your car for delivering groceries or online purchases from clients. Any of these ideas can generate passive income in a short period of time without having to process a loan application in a financial institution.

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