Meta Quest Pro | Best Metaverse VR is MR

Meta Quest Pro is the new Virtual Reality (VR) headset with Mixed Reality (MR) that will take Metaverse to new levels.

Meta Quest Pro | Best Metaverse VR is MR

Meta has finally released the Meta Quest Pro to the market, a new Virtual Reality (VR) headset with advanced technology and functionality that includes Augmented Reality (AR). The combination of these technologies is known as Mixed Reality (MR), a new standard that will take Metaverse to new levels.

We have been testing the Meta Quest Pro with a great deal of enthusiasm. The new Virtual Reality (VR) headset is the most advanced device in the Meta Quest line with a lot of cool features, like high-resolution sensors for strong mixed reality experiences, a new processor, crisp LCD displays for sharp visuals, a brand new sleeker design, a color video feed for mixed reality apps, and eye and face tracking feature for natural facial expressions that will make your VR avatar look more like you.

But these are only a few main features of the new Meta Quest Pro. A big, and aggregated value to the new VR Goggle, is that it is now also an Augmented Reality (AR) device. Meta made it so that both VR and AR are now Mixed Reality (MR) with more uses and functionalities to take the metaverse experience to amazing new levels for users and developers.

Meta Quest Pro Pricing

The new VR headgear from Meta costs $1,500. This advanced MR headset is a business-focused device with top functionalities for Metaverse and the VR/AR industry. We know this may come as a surprise to those accustomed to spending $300 to $400 for the Meta Quest 2 as an entry ticket to the metaverse.

But while most Quest 2 users like fitness, games, and other entertainment, the Quest Pro is intended more for businesses, gamers, power users, and professionals who can afford its higher price for an extended MR experience.

Meta Quest Pro


Meta Quest Pro unlocks new perspectives in work, creativity, and collaboration. Multitask with ease with multiple resizable screens so you can organize tasks, work on new ideas or message with your ...

Available: In stock

Meta Quest Pro New Design 

Meta Quest Pro’s new design is the thinnest and best-balanced VR device created so far by Meta. The design has pancake lenses and a curved-cell battery in the back that when you put it on feels very comfortable. This is convenient since you want to pay attention to next-level VR experiences instead of how the headset fits you.

Meta Quest Pro has a mechanism for adjusting the distance between the lenses that can be used for inter-pupillary distances (IPDs).  The Meta Quest Pro headset also has a new dial that lets you change the distance between the lenses and your eyes. This lets you get the best fit, face tracking, and viewing experience. This makes it possible for a wider range of people to adjust the headset to their taste.

Meta Quest Pro Main Features

The Meta Quest Pro is a much-improved version of Meta Quest 2. The package includes the VR headset, completely redesigned Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers, new stylus tips, new partial light blockers, and a new and convenient charging dock for the headset and the controllers.

The Meta Quest Pro body has a thinner stack of lenses, and it has 40% less depth than the Quest 2. It has a padded plastic ring (like the Quest 2’s optional Elite Strap) instead of cloth straps to hold it on your head, and the battery has been moved to the back of the headset to make it more stable.

We think that Meta Quest Pro and VR devices will help bring about the next computing platform, which will be as common as laptops and tablets are now, and that people will use them every day to access the metaverse. Meta Quest Pro, with its innovation and cutting-edge technologies, is a big step toward that future.

Meta Quest Pro is the first device to use the new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ platform, which is optimized for the headset to run at 50% more power than the Meta Quest 2 and has better thermal dissipation, resulting in much better performance.

Each Meta Quest Pro headset comes with 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. It brings 10 high-resolution sensors which five are located inside the headset while the other five are located outside. These sensors expand the experience of numerous immersive interactions.

Meta Quest Pro brings unique features that you won’t find on older headsets: it brings a set of face-tracking cameras that look inward and follow your eyes and face to where you are looking. They allow Meta’s avatars the ability to smile, wink, raise an eyebrow, and show natural facial expressions.

Meta Quest Pro Controllers

The motion controllers for Quest have also been changed. Meta’s old headset used LED rings around the top to track the controllers. The new quest touch pro controllers, on the other hand, are filled with cameras that track motion just like a headset. This makes them a lot smaller and a lot less strange looking. Meta has taken out the AA batteries from the controllers and put in batteries that charge when the headset is placed on a dock.

Each controller has three built-in sensors that track its position in 3D space without using the headset. This allows you to perform 360-degree motion monitored by the quest touch pro controllers in addition to the headset.   


The controllers have been redesigned to be more comfortable and well-balanced, so they feel like they were made for your hands. They also come with rechargeable batteries and improved haptics to give a wider and more accurate range of feedback.

With the purchase of Meta Quest Pro, you get a charging dock and a 45W USB-C power adapter. With these, you can always maintain your headset and the quest touch pro controllers ready to go and fully charged.

But to have these great controllers, you don’t have to have Meta Quest Pro. These Touch Pro controllers are fully compatible with Meta Quest 2. They will be available starting later this year.

Meta Quest Pro Augmented Reality (AR)

On Meta Quest Pro, mixed reality lets you combine your real environment with virtual elements in a way that feels real. This improves your social presence, productivity, and ability to work with others. In productivity apps like Immersed, you don’t have to be limited by the size of your desk.

Meta Quest Pro AR

The Meta Quest Pro brings mixed reality functionality to a full-color passthrough video, which is a step between virtual reality and holographic augmented reality. The Quest Pro has high-resolution cameras that look outward and take pictures of the world. These pictures are then shown inside the headset, which can then place virtual objects in the room with you. That means you can do things like pin a virtual picture to your real wall or, since this is a business headset, use a set of virtual screens while still seeing the world around you.

Meta Quest Pro Batteries

The Quest Pro is mostly an upgrade to the Quest 2, but it has one major drawback: the battery only lasts one to two hours instead of two to three hours like the Quest 2. The rechargeable controllers should last a little longer than the headset, but they won’t last as long as the AA batteries in Quest 2 did.

We were expecting a bit more power, but apparently, two hours is the industry standard when you factor in Mixed Reality (MR) technology. While the headset is charging, you can continue to use it. However, we suggest engaging in less active applications if you are using the included 6.6-foot charging cable.

Meta Quest Pro – Better Optics

The new optical stack of Meta Quest Pro is replacing the ones from Meta Quest 2. Fresnel lenses are used that bend light more than once. Local dimming and quantum dot technology are used in the two LCD screens to make the colors richer and more vivid. The custom local dimming technology uses specialized backlight hardware and software algorithms to control more than 500 separate LED blocks. More than 75% of contrast is achieved with this technology.

Meta Quest Pro is superior to Meta Quest 2 in pixelation, having 37% more pixels per inch, and 10% more per degree. This makes playing games, reading, and sightseeing, much more fun and enjoyable. Also, the full-field sharpness in the center view is 25% better, 50% better in the edges, and the color gamut is 1.3 times bigger than in Meta Quest 2.

Meta Quest Pro Accessories

You can now pre-order many accessories that will enhance your Meta Quest Pro experience, in addition to the new headset and the quest touch pro controllers that you get out of the package. We will be evaluating these additional accessories for you and include them in this article if they have value to you.

Meta Quest 2 is still available

Meta Quest 2 is still available and will still be serving entry-level consumers to Metaverse with a basic VR headset at affordable prices. Along with Meta Quest Pro, the Meta Quest line of devices will continue to be an easy way to get into VR, and a lot of new content and updates are still planned for Meta Quest 2. However, it is not planned for this unit to host Mixed Reality (MR) since it would imply a complete redesign in structure.

Meta Quest 2 — Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset — 128 GB


Buy Meta Quest 2. Get Beat Saber. For a limited time, get the hit VR rhythm game included when you buy Meta Quest 2.* Keep your experience smooth and seamless, even as high speed action unfolds ...

Available: In stock
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Was there a Quest or a Quest 1? I don't think so. Why did FB/Meta start at 2? I have no idea. Maybe there was a Quest 1 and it ended up on the scrapheap for some reason and we never saw it.Anyway, the BIG NEWS with the Quest 2 is that you no longer need to hook up to a laptop/PC and so no longer need an expensive graphics card. The Oculus Rift cost about the same if a bit more than the Quest 2, but to operate it, you needed a graphics card that would set you back at least several hundred dollars. Worse than that, though, that required you to have a higher end PC, so instead of, say, a $500 Dell Inspiron, you were looking at having to have, say, a $2,000 Dell XPS. That was a major roadblock to mass availability of VR that FB/Meta took away by introducing the Quest 2 and putting the Rift out to pasture.Now that all sounds very 5 stars, and maybe it should be, so why am I only giving 4 stars?1. It's not as cool as I thought it'd be and I don't use it as much as I thought I would. The games/apps cost between $9.99 and $39.99, from what I've seen, but even the most popular game, Beat Saber for $29.99, which is kind of like Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) but with a light saber, isn't that cool, even if on paper it sounds cool. It's not bad, just kinda meh.2. I don't know if it's my head or my eye placement or what, but I have a real issue with eyes strain using it and, most of all, with getting double vision I can't resolve no matter what I do, namely repositioning the headset and adjusting how far apart lenses inside are. Now, I do wear glasses and thought it might've been because of that and because of the spacer for glasses wearers provided with the Quest 2 to allow extra room inside the headset for glasses, so since I can see OK without glasses, no like I'm blind or anything, I tried taking that spacer out and going without glasses, same thing. For whatever reason, I can see just as well without my glasses in the headset, so that's good, but the issue of eye strain and occasional double vision that I can't resolve is exactly the same.3. The spacer for eyeglasses leaves a small open space or gap between the spacer and the body of the Quest 2 along the nose such that if you glance down with your eyes, you can see outside, see light, and even when you don't, it lets outside light in, so that's poorly designed.4. You need a fairly large open space of floor with absolutely nothing on it or anything next to it, like walls, stuff on counters, shelves, etc. You can play with a smaller space, but you're constantly getting alerted by a big wall of plus signs that you're reaching the edge of your safe space. Now, one thing that's cool is if you leave the space, cross that wall of plus signs, you no longer see the game but get a black and white video feed of what's in front of you, of your surroundings, kinda like looking at your home through a low-res black and white security camera. Now, I do have just barely enough space, but the problem I run into is that you actually need a somewhat larger space since gameplay will often result in your arms that space, so if you've outlined a safe space or play area that's big enough but there's a counter, table, shelf, whatever not in it but right next to it, you will can find your hand knocking into whatever's on that counter, table, shelf, whatever and maybe knocking it off or over or whatever, so it seems like the easy solution for people who don't have big open areas of flat floorspace with nothing surrounding it in their homes would be to play it outside, which brings me to my next point...5. You can't play it outside. Nowhere in any of the instructions does it say you can't use it outside, like it literally won't work outside, so when I tried to use it outside, I thought it had broken. The headset has sensors all over it that must use the walls and ceiling to bounce off of, so when there are no walls or ceiling, it literally freaks out. The controllers work, sort of, but not really. Instead of seeing them in your hands, like you normally can with the headset on, you'll see the controllers 10 or 15 feet away all on top of each other, and you use the menu buttons and fire buttons, but you can't aim, or can only sort of aim because it thinks the hand controllers are 10 or 15 feet away and not positioned like you have them positioned. Now, it seems like with games like Pokemon Go and with so many people not having the rather large amount of space needed to use the Quest 2 that outside wood be a perfect solution, like in a park or in my backyard or in my driveway. When I googled it, I found out that my Quest 2 wasn't broken, but what I was reading was spinning it to be like it didn't work on purpose outside for my safety and not that it's a shortcoming of the Quest 2, which is what it totally is. One interesting thing that I did learn, though, is that the magnifying lenses in the Quest 2 should never be left in direct sunlight, not outside nor inside on a windowsill because if direct sunlight hits it, the sunlight hitting it will be like sunlight hitting a magnifying glass, only it'll focus it on the display screen inside and burn through it lickety-split. So that's A CRITICALLY IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW THAT'S NEVER MENTIONED IN THE MATERIAL YOU GET WITH THE QUEST 2 WHEN YOU BUY IT.Now that all may make it sound WORSE than it is. Those are my criticisms. Still, it's a pretty dang cool piece of tech, especially for the price. It's just not what I thought it'd be, so I'm going to be giving mine to my nephew.ANOTHER IMPORTANT PIECE OF INFORMATION: 64GB for $100 less vs. 128GB for $100 moreI spent the extra $100 and bought the 128GB one because I didn't want it going obsolete or running short on memory or whatever. If I had it to do all over again, I'd have saved myself the hundred bucks and bought the 64GB one, not because I'm giving it away but because there's no way you'd ever use 64GB, much less 128GB.What the storage is for isn't RAM, so it has no effect on performance, but is strictly for storing games, file storage. Each game, though, is only about 1GB, so before you'd ever use up 64GB, you'd have to have more than 60 apps/games on there. Setting aside that's around $1,800 in apps/games and just a crazy amount in my mind, even if you are that heavy a user and do have that much stuff, it doesn't matter because you can use a USB cable and put games you're not using or don't plan to use on a library that can store them on an app or even through a cell phone app on a cloud, so you'd only ever actually need more than 64GB and so pay the extra $100 for the 128GB version is if you actually want to have access to 60 to 120 games and apps all at the same time without having to swap games/apps out with others in your library. Now, you may be thinking of future-proofing, that there will come a time when the games/apps are 2GB or 3GB or 5GB or whatever and so don't want to be caught short, but you won't be, or you will be, but it won't matter. The reason games/apps are only around 1GB each is going much bigger than that would push or exceed the limits of the Quest 2's processors and internal RAM. That means that when down the road games/apps grow much larger than what they are now, it'll be time to upgrade from the Quest 2 to whatever's next. There's no avoiding that by spending an extra $100 for 128GB of onboard storage instead of 64GB. Now, when the Quest 2 first came out last year, it came out with only 32GB at the same price it is now with 64GB. 32GB wasn't enough storage, so FB/Meta quickly remedied that by making a 64GB for $100 more, but then it obsoleted the 32GB version and dropped the price of the 64GB to the same as what the 32GB one had been. FB/Meta then added the 128GB option because of people demanding it after panicking from the 32GB one not being enough that they thought 64GB wouldn't be either or soon wouldn't be. But it's totally unnecessary and a waste of $100. If you don't believe me, just research it for yourself. EVERYONE says so, and having lived it myself now, I fully agree.SAVE YOURSELF $100 AND BUY THE 64GB QUEST 2......BECAUSE YOU WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY NEVER EVER USE UP EVEN THE 64GB, MUCH LESS EVER NEED 128GB, AND IF YOU SOMEHOW WOULD EVER HAVE MORE THAN 64GB IN APPS/GAMES, YOU CAN SIMPLY STORE EXCESS LESSER USED APPS ON ANOTHER DEVICE/CLOUD THAT YOU CAN REDOWNLOAD THEM FROM SHOULD YOU EVER WANT THEM ONBOARD YOUR QUEST 2 AGAIN LATER, BECAUSE THAT 64GB IS JUST ONBOARD STORAGE CAPACITY, NOT TOTAL STORAGE CAPACITY, WHICH WITH A PC/CLOUD, SKY'S THE LIMIT.
May 3, 2022
Pros:- Fairly Immersive.- Amazing experiences.- Personal home theater, huge movie screen, made even better with paid Virtual Desktop ($20usd) that gives you actual movie theater vibes and tons of other scenes. Oculus link (Free) does a pretty good job with big screen too.- Nice desktop experience in VR through Oculus Link (free)- High refresh rates up to 120hz (if you're wired and can find a game that supports it)- Haven't seen other views to compare, but I'm very satisfied with the resolution. And hear its better than most if not all other VR headsets right now while also keeping in mind its the most compatible with VR games. Im guessing this is the Playstation or XBOX of Virtual Reality. Or they are lining up to be. Either way, its the right choice for gaming and other.- Truly the next level in gaming and virtual spaces like home theater.- Gonna list Half Life: Alyx as a pro. Was my first VR experience, and although god-tier amazing, I would suggest working up to it as not much has compared since 😛 But I am having fun in other games like Boneworks and TWD Saints and Sinners. I like TWD more so far but I have a few gripes with that game. (Not a reflection of this product)- As anyone would tell you, works well with streaming services. You got your Netflix Hulu and Disney plus.- You can load movies and videos from your pc stored into Oculus directly for trips without wifi.Cons:- Good thing I already owned a beasty gaming pc. You're gonna need one for titles like Half Life: Alyx.- Battery life. Could not watch a 2hr30min movie without plugging in. Con still offset by the amazing movie theater-like experience. Was using Virtual Desktop so maybe the wifi usage played a part.- Real Con, the strap it comes with is uncomfortable and will give you a headache the first week or so.- It is heavy on the front and my forehead and cheeks hurt, requiring me to take a break, wash and massage my face every couple of hours, every day. (I've watched videos on how to adjust and not over-tighten but not much can be done about the reality of the situation. It is far from weightless and fairly noticeable.-If you need glasses to see things far away, you will need glasses for the VR headset too. Special lens caps cost roughly between $60 and $100USD. But it comes with a spacer. You can likely get away with those retro non-spacer glasses.If they have those little feet that push off the nose you might be in trouble and if they are really big, you might be in trouble so look into the dimensions of the quest 2 view port and your glasses. An annoying extra step but probably worth it.-Scuba Diver effect. The view cant be in the pro section. As I said, you'll feel like a scuba diver. Only during the most immersive of times will you not notice too much. To be fair this is.. most of the time.- blurring and lens-rings. If not absolutely perfectly centered, you'll get some blurring in various parts of your view. At first and for a few days the little magnification rings of the actual glass piece of the lenses will be very noticeable in your peripheral. Again to be fair.. again, while having an amazing time, you will not notice.- Also there's this thing about the lens spacing I hear a lot of people complaining about. I think I'm just at the edge of the farthest setting but could probably do with a tiny bit more. Read other reviews and look into it about I forget what its called, the space between both your pupils.- It'll take a few days or more than a week for your mind to ignore some of these, like the rings, occasional blur, and scuba effect.-Serious con, be ready to shell out at least another $100usd or so on extras. $19 link cable $16 extension cable plus breakaway protection, Silicone Grips and hand strap (worth it and kind of necessary for throwing objects in comfort,) $30 Rechargeable batteries or a large supply of AA’s. Be sure either are 1.5v. $10-30. Head Strap pad I bought $15 (not compared to $30-50+ or so elite straps. And if you need the prescription lens caps another $60-100. And your first game ranges from $10-40usd or so, for the good stuff.- Very few free games/stuff. And not that many AAA amazing titles. (Not exactly a reflection of this particular product)-This thing gets sweaty after a few dozen minutes of intense gameplay so have a dry cloth handy and don't get pulled into the ‘pass it on or around after playing beat saber to your friends’ fantasy.IMO/SideNotes Related to this product directly and VR as a whole:- The device should have been a more evenly weight-distributed helmet.- I wouldn't expect to game any more than an hour or two without being plugged in either to a power outlet or pc. Mileage may vary.- Buy a 10 - 20 ft data cable with your purchase. The provided cable is like 3ft or something. You're gonna need it regardless of pc ownership. Search youtube for good 3rd party brands it should cost around $18-28usd or so for a good cable with decent length.- Find your play area and hold your arms out, now plan for an additional one or two feet, mainly North, West and East of you. The Quest 2 comes with a 'Guardian' thats really good at letting you know when you're 'out of bounds' but you will be bending to search or grab stuff reaching and leaning over, tossing things aside (In VR, While stationary, with one or two steps of leeway) make sure you have the space to be swinging your arms around like that. be honest with yourself about this space. If you don't have it, you don't have it. Sorry. I had to rearrange my room a little but luckily I had the space and it was absolutely worth it.-VR is very physical. Some games have seated options but require too much leaning and grabbing and searching to do it sitting down. So be ready to stand and crouch and lean. I kept that from both pro’s and cons. IMO, awesome, but be ready for it. Make yourself take breaks every half to sit and stretch if you're not used to standing all day, but not even taking into account the workout apps, this has gotten me burning more calories and keeping my redstuff circulating more and my metabolism on its toes. Actually crouching behind cover is pretty cool but also tiring lol.- IMO, Probably not a con, too many older games being remade or re-released in VR. Don't get me wrong, Fallout 4 with Whispering Hills mod was and is mindblowing but after putting in so many hours on the pc version and playing it for years, its kinda hard to get all the way into again. But I guess for kids who never ever played Fallout 4 and they get it for VR, then it’ll be pretty awesome for them. Same for Resident Evil 4 Which I played on the Gamecube, not in VR yet but I fear the novelty will wear off as I played that game like crazy already and it would be a massive retread - even if VR itself is still amazing, I’ll stand by that. (So not a direct reflection of this product)-I want to see more completely brand new AAA single player games.-I hear GTA San Andreas is coming to VR.. Again, great for kids, but how about a brand new GTA VR?.- Only been in the scene a few weeks but, looking back and ahead, it looks like a really lazy and slow march into making VR a thing for everyone. IMO right now it's still more of a niche enthusiast thing. I only say that because I’ve been hearing about VR for years. What did people play on the Quest 1?- Get a small rug or mat to stand on, maybe even a towel will do so you know when you're stepping off too far out of bounds. I have a small rug I folded up just enough to fit my feet with a little bit of slack on all sides. This’ll make you more comfortable but will also help keep you stationary and orient you. They sell $100 tough gamer standing pads about the size of the guardian, if you have the dedicated space and money for it, I can't stop you I guess, but a simple, thick rug or small yoga mat will do.-Like a baseball plate, add a little point when you draw your guardian space to let you know which way you should be facing at all times, you want that wire mostly behind you at all times.I have more to say but admittedly this is getting long. I would wait a couple of years until a much lighter and more comfortable VR device comes out. But, if you cannot wait any longer and love gaming or just want what VR has to offer. I can tell you that, it is here, and it is amazing.Seeing previews of anything VR on a 2D screen cannot do it justice and neither can words, of this you must trust me, you would have to experience it yourself to truly understand. Ask a friend or coworker if they have one and if you can try it. You wont believe it until you do. Or take the plunge like I did. I have my gripes with this thing, and it's not all fairy tales, but I do not regret purchasing it. Like I said before, it really is the next level in gaming, and it really is here.Be considerate, please. This took a while to write to help you.
April 2, 2022
The best value for money standalone VR headset.Dont go for the negative review that it has bad lense or is cheap bla bla bla, cause you cant even find any VR standalone headset at this price.1. Quality is great, even if you drop it it wont break easily and still works, check out ThrillSeeker channel on youtube for more strees test that guy did.2. Lenses are old once, yes they are but in this segment they wont dissapoint you compared to $1000 Valve Index3. Resolution and FOV is good but not great but perfect for movies and watching 3d movies, 360 movies and Oculus games for sure. Casual user wont even find any difference4. Great library of games, litttle expensive but you get sales now and then and you have sidequest if you want more for free and also with some tricks you can install any android apps.5. The glimps and your start to metaverse6. Battery is a concern but get the cable creation cable and you are goog to go. Get the 16ft one7. Install Sidequest. (Mobile and PC) if you want a lot of best and free content and if you are a advanced PC user. Not recommended for users not fimiliar with advance PC use or adb, but you get a tons of tutorial on youtube if you want to try.8. If you have a good PC, VR ready GPU, then this can play Steam VR as well, now it has Airlink wireless as well, but you need Wifi6, 5ghz band and PC connected using ethernet for best quality.9. Amazing hand tracking and controllers at this range10. In any case you end up scratching the lenses, get a polywatch solution and see the magic, it would be as good as new, thank me later for that advice. See youtube for more info11. Great mutiplayer capabilities, mic is great and stock speaker are just awesome, and you can still connect your own headsets as well.12. Get a rechargable battery for your controller, cost around rs400 with batgery and its charger.13. If you still have more money get an Elite strap for best comfort and wobble free experience.14. If you sweat much, mind that you might see fog on lense on prolong use, there are tons of alrernatives to try to avoid that, but the cheapest option is simply put a tissue to your forehead and put on the headset and good to go.15. You are still here that means you are convinced, just go for it and buy it, you will not regret for sure. Search me in case you need more assistance on Oculus, Ashura- is my Oculus id.
December 28, 2021

Other Variations of the Oculus Quest 2

There are different iterations of the Oculus Quest 2 available. For instance, 256 GB is the next tier up in storage capacity.

Meta Quest 2 — Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset — 256 GB

Buy Meta Quest 2. Get Beat Saber. For a limited time, get the hit VR rhythm game included when you buy Meta Quest 2.* Keep your experience smooth and seamless, even as high speed action unfolds ...
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Meta Quest 2 — Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset — 128 GB...

Buy Meta Quest 2. Get Beat Saber. For a limited time, get the hit VR rhythm game included when you buy Meta Quest 2.* Keep your experience smooth and seamless, even as high speed action unfolds ...
Available: In stock
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Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2 Compatibility

Meta Quest Pro is fully compatible with Meta Quest 2. For instance, Meta Quest Pro is compatible with the Meta Quest 2 catalog, so you can start playing a wide range of immersive games and entertainment experiences on Day One.

In the future, some apps, like Natural Face Expressions, will have features that will only work with the new headset. However, advanced applications developed for Meta Quest Pro may not be fully functional on the Oculus Quest 2. Application created using Mixed Reality (MR) will not work on Oculus Quest 2, for not having the technology.

Conclusion and Recommendations

As Metaverse develops we will find extraordinary technologies that are the stepping- stones on the shaping of this immersive universe that appears to be the next internet or the future of computing and social network. In other words, the new way we do business, interact, work, socialize, learn, and connect to entertainment.

The Meta Quest Pro is an innovative device that is the bridge that begins to combine Virtual Reality (VR) with Augmented Reality (AR), forming what is now known as Mixed Reality (MR). The future of immersive virtual experience would not have progressed and survived without the inclusion of augmented Reality (AR).

The Meta Quest Pro has advanced features to help us navigate this exciting Metaverse universe. And while the pricing initially appears to be astronomically high; it falls within the price range of business AR and VR headsets. The Meta Quest Pro is not the entry-level headset for Metaverse. For regular enthusiasts, the Meta Quest 2, which is sold for around $399, seems to be a better option.

The Meta Quest Pro VR/AR Headset is without argument an excellent device to experience the Metaverse with advanced functionalities – such as with the inclusion of Augmented Reality – if you can afford it. This unit clearly marked a price-breaking point between regular users and advanced users. If you are a gamer, member of an enterprise, developer, power user, or just a Metaverse enthusiast wanting to experience the very best from the Metaverse, get your hands on the Meta Quest Pro. You will love it. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Meta Quest Pro

What does the Meta Quest Pro do?

With its new processor, crisp LCD displays for sharp visuals, sleeker design, color video feed for mixed reality apps, and eye and face tracking feature for natural facial expressions, the new Virtual Reality (VR) headset is the most cutting-edge device in the Meta Quest line.

Can the Meta Quest Pro play games?

Yes. The Meta Quest Pro is a top VR device excellent for playing games. Although it is a high-end ticket-priced unit intended for professionals and enterprise applications, it would make a perfect device for playing games. The mixed reality concept expands the gaming horizon by mixing the metaverse with our physical reality.

Meta Quest Pro is fully compatible with Meta Quest 2. All games from Meta can be played in the new headset, plus additional ones that are being developed with new mixed-reality functionalities.  

Is Meta Quest the same as oculus?

Yes. They are both Quest products from Meta (formerly Facebook)

Does Meta Quest come with controllers?

Yes. Meta Quest Pro comes with top-notched controllers filled with new sensors, and cameras for tracking motions, doing advanced functions similar to the headset. Controllers were redesigned and they are now more comfortable.



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  2. […] and understanding of the subject matter. One popular product used for immersive learning is the Meta Quest Pro. This virtual reality headset provides a fully immersive experience for students, enabling them to […]

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