Theta Waves | Rewire your brain effectively

Theta Waves are the connectors to rewire your brain effectively. Learn how to tap into the first 7 years of your childhood without hypnosis.

Theta Waves | Rewire your brain effectively

It is scientifically confirmed that you can effectively rewire your brain, and add or replace programs that can work to your benefit to achieve success, happiness, harmony, and a life full of prosperity.

By the end of this article, you will have the knowledge to easily and effectively rewire your brain. You will understand how the brain is structured, and how you can effectively tap into the same connector that hypnotherapists use to replace bad habits.

But most importantly, you will be able to develop your own routine to correct all these bad codings that are working against you and are currently affecting your life. We will evaluate some of the most effective tools on the market that can expand the effectiveness of how you rewire your brain for a happier and more successful life.

Brain Development | First Seven Years of Childhood

As human beings, you start developing your brain during the first seven years of childhood. During these early stages of memory formation, you start going through a profound brain programming journey, equipped with zero discerning thoughts to defend you from bad information. Your empty canvas absorbs what is taught by parents, families, friends, and external sources like television and books.

This flood of data and electrical activity will shape your behaviour and define the set of rules to face life. Most of these rules, like what to fear, what to trust, what to like, and what to dislike, will help you to make decisions and shape your future. The Greek philosopher Aristotle said, “Give me a child below seven years, and I will show you the man”.

The programs that you carry to adolescence and adulthood are strong habits that were engrained in your brain during these early stages. They run automatically. They cannot be changed or modified with simple thoughts, as they are habits recorded in the sub-conscience mind. This is why to manipulate these habits, professional neuropsychologists need to apply hypnosis to connect to your sub-conscience and work with the process of reprogramming your old habits.

Brain Waves

Brain waves are electrical activity and signal that travel through the brain. These brain waves are produced by the synchronized firing of neurons and are used to communicate with themselves and with the rest of the body.

The Brain is an extraordinary and powerful machine. It is your central processing unit that controls your thoughts, your memory, and your emotions. But at the same time is the engine that controls all your motor skills, such as vision, breathing, walking, touching, moving, temperature, hunger, and many other functions that it can do automatically, or that you can do at will.

Through your nervous and limbic systems, the brain has an incredible network of electrical activity and connections to every single part of your body. Based on the information that you have stored, your emotions, your thoughts – and what you are experiencing in life – your brain can send a specific set of instructions to your organs.

For instance, when you are faced with a threat, your body enters what is called a fight-or-flight response. The brain, with the sacred mission to protect you, will shut down all body resources that are not associated with your life-saving condition. Under this threatening condition, you will not have enough saliva, for instance, however, your heart will be pumping faster to rush blood to your legs for running and escaping from the danger.

The brain communicates throughout the body using chemical and electrical signals. This electrical activity – produced by the neurons in the brain regions – can be perfectly measured using an Electroencephalograph (EEG).

Through the advances in neurology, it has been well established that these signals are brain waves oscillating on very specific frequencies, associated with different mental states. In fact, neuroscience has clearly determined that these frequencies can be divided into five types: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta.

Type Brainwaves | Rewire your brain with Theta Waves

Gamma Waves

Gamma brain waves are associated with heightened awareness, the state of mind where the brain is more agitated. Graphically, the Gamma waves look very busy with the fastest oscillation captured in an Electroencephalogram (EEG). They tend to measure above 35 Hz and can oscillate as fast as 100 Hz.

Beta Waves

Beta brain waves are commonly observed while we go through daily routines in an awake state intensely focused and alert. They are the second fastest brain waves. They are involved in logical thinking, conscious thoughts, and problem-solving. The prolonged estate of high Beta waves can produce anxiety, stress, and headaches. They tend to measure from 13-35 Hz.

Alpha Waves

Alpha brain waves are associated with relaxation and a meditative state. We experience the Alpha state when we close our eyes or relax while hearing the ocean or the singing of birds. Positive visualization and deep-breathing exercises trigger the Alpha waves. This is the ideal state for going through the daily routine, focused but relaxed. Alpha frequency is from 8-13 Hz.

Theta Waves

Theta brain waves are the first stage of sleep. This magical state is where hypnosis happens. They are present just before falling asleep, and abundantly during power naps; also when you wake up, but find yourself not yet conscious. During this state, you have light dreams that you can often manipulate. Theta wave frequency oscillates from 4-8 Hz.

Delta Waves

Delta brain waves are associated with deep sleep. The Delta waves increase in intensity as the sleep becomes more profound. It is the dominant rhythm in infants up to one year of age and it is present in stages 3 and 4 of sleep. During this state of wave low amplitude and slower frequency, the brain performs body maintenance, healing, improvement of the immune system, rejuvenation, longevity, and other amazing functions. Delta waves oscillate from 0.5-4 Hz.

It is almost magical to know that these brain waves not only can be read and measured – using the conventional EEG device – but we can also create them through our own devices, and have our brain harmonically tuned and synchronized to the mindset of our preference.

The connector to your sub-conscience

Theta Waves are the connectors to your sub-conscience. This is the state that is required for hypnosis to work. In the Theta wave state, you have access to your sub-conscience mind and you are able to reprogram bad habits and beliefs.

Theta Waves – The Connectors to Rewire Your Brain

Theta waves are the connectors to your sub-conscience mind. This is the brain state that professional hypnotherapists need to reach in order to access your sub-conscience mind and be able to modify your old habits through the insertion of new information. This is the exact same state of mind that you were in your childhood, just before 7 years old!

Recent studies suggest that a person entering the Theta wave state from the Alpha state – about 8 Hz – is the optimal range for visualization and mind programming, where you can modify previously learned unhelpful habits or damaging beliefs that are currently running in your subconscious mind and affecting your present.

By accessing the limbic system through theta waves, we are able to mine our brain for traumatic emotional memory and facilitate healing through the reprogramming of these traumatic events. In this state, you are conscious of your surroundings, however, your body is in deep relaxation, and your brain is ready for neuroplasticity, as it was in the first seven years of your childhood.


We are what we think. We are the result of our thoughts. But most of our current thoughts respond to rules that were generated in the first seven years of our childhood. Neuroplasticity took place when we did not have the conscious judgment to determine if the information was correct or erroneous.

These programs – many working against us – were hard-wired into our brains in the Theta wave state. They cannot be changed now with our conscious minds. In order to change any toxic beliefs and habits, we need to rewire our brains with new and updated information written in the same Theta waves state. This is your connector to access the sub-conscience mind.

But you do not need a professional hypnotherapist to get you into the Theta frequency state. From ancient times, people are doing meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and even power naps, to tap into Theta waves. You can perfectly do self-hypnosis anytime you want. In fact, you are systematically going through the Theta frequency every night, just before falling asleep.

Within the Theta frequency state, you have a unique opportunity to bombard your subconscious mind with better programming that will work to your benefit. This is a great opportunity to correct all old habits, beliefs, and toxic programs that are sabotaging your progress, and preventing you from advancing and having a more prosperous, happier, and successful life.

Most of our fears, anxieties, misconceptions, and beliefs come from old toxic programming that was inserted into our brains by family, friends, or external sources. At some point, someone told us that we cannot sing, we cannot dance, and we would not be successful in life. And we believed.

But now it’s time for us to correct those toxic programs! We can make an inventory of our weaknesses, including all the areas to correct and modify, and start rewriting our brains with empowering messages in the Theta waves state. We can start eliminating fear, building self-esteem, and going after our dreams. We can program our minds for prosperity, for success, leaving behind worries, anxiety, and sabotaging thoughts that are not allowing us to progress and advance with confidence.

There are three methods to effectively open the door to your subconscious mind via Theta waves:

There are three methods to effectively open the door to your subconscious mind via Theta waves:

  • Meditation
  • Binaural Beats
  • Isochronic Tones


As we have learned, the Theta waves state is where the mind is quiet. All other states above Theta waves are agitated at different levels. It makes perfect sense that you cannot fall asleep if your mind still racing with worries and anxious throughs and still dragging these hyper-oscillated frequencies. In order to slowly drift to a tranquil mind, you need a convenient tool or a protocol to master relaxation.

Meditation is a practice that has been effectively used throughout human civilization. Since the beginning of time, humans have been using this practice to tune into the Theta waves state. By focusing on breathing, or simply letting the body be still and relaxed, unwanted thoughts drift away like dark clouds in the sky.

Binaural Beats

A Binaural beat is a sound composed of two different tones with slightly different frequencies that are played at the same time. It is scientifically documented that the brain creates a third tone which is the difference between the two tones and will oscillate on this third frequency.

For example, if you play 440 Hz in your left ear, and 446 Hz in your right ear, the brain will interpret 6 Hz. Furthermore, since the language of the brain is vibration, the brain starts an immediate process of matching the frequency that is listening to. In consequence, the brain waves will soon be synchronized with the Theta oscillations of the 6 Hz tone that has been introduced. This brain mechanism is called entrainment. ** For the effective process of binaural beat calculation in the brain, a headphone is required.


Binaural beats are being reported to be as effective as mediation to help the brain vibrate in the Theta waves state. Numerous claims and positive reviews can be found associated with lowering stress, boosting mood, increasing focus, eliminating insomnia, helping with pain management, and eliminating phobias, worries, and anxiety.

The big advantage of using Binaural beats is that you can initiate the process of tuning the brain into this theta frequency from anywhere. You could be at the bank, at the supermarket, or walking to the park. To reach a Theta wave state through meditation it is often required to be on a special setup, away from noise and distraction.

Experts believe the fastest way to train the brain to tune into a specific frequency is through music. However, the science behind the binaural beats is still new, and many claims are still under scientific study. Some studies can be found here: [12345].

Preliminary studies are also starting to suggest that after listening to repeated beat sessions from the same recording, Binaural beats tend to lose efficacy. Apparently, the brain gets to a point of recognizing the recording after multiple plays, and not performing entrainment due to habituation. Experts believe that Isochronic Tones are superior and more effective than Binaural beats.

Isochronic Tones

Isochronic tones are auditory signals that are used to stimulate the brain. These tones have a regular pulsing beat that can entrain the brainwave frequency to the desired state. Isochronic tones are consistent regular beats of a single tone being switched on and off very quickly.

Isochronic tones are different from other types of brainwave entrainment because they do not rely on subtle changes in sound to produce their effects. Instead, isochronic tones use sharp and distinct pulses of sound to stimulate the brain. This makes isochronic tones one of the most effective methods of brainwave entrainment available.

When brainwaves become entrained and synchronized with the same frequency of an isochronic beat, this is known as frequency following response (FFR).   The frequency of the stimulus/beats can then be changed and your dominant brainwave frequency follows along in step with it. By using the power of FFR, your brainwave activity can be guided to a more optimum frequency, to enhance or improve your mental state.

Isochronic tones have been shown to be effective in inducing rem sleep, reducing stress, and improving memory and cognitive function. Some research even suggests that isochronic tones may be effective in treating conditions like ADHD and depression.

While more research is being conducted to better understand these benefits, isochronic tones offer a promising tool for aiding in mental and emotional well-being. ** Headphones are not required for the standard use of Isochronic tones. For some advanced tones, different frequencies are sent to different ears with the intention to stimulate different sides of the brain.

Isochronic impulses may be difficult to assimilate at the beginning since the repetitive tones can sound harsh to listen to. Most people combine the tones with music or ambient nature sounds. Although some users report achieving faster and stronger effects without masking the tones, a scientific study concluded that there was no significant difference in listening to the pulses with music or just by themselves.

The Power of Self-Talk and Repetition

Regardless of the method that you use to tune into the Theta wave frequency – either through meditation, binaural beats, or isochronic tones -, you will need an additional tool to effectively record new information in your brain when in the Theta waves state. You need the language. Now that you opened the door to your sub-conscience, you need to communicate with the network of neurons in the brain to produce synaptic plasticity. This is accomplished with Self-Talk.

Self-talk is the inner dialogue that we all have with ourselves. It is the stream of consciousness that runs through our minds all day. They are the commentary in our minds that can have a powerful impact on our lives. Our self-talk can be cheerful and supportive or negative and self-defeating. They can either help us to achieve our goals or hold us back from reaching our potential.

Our self-talk is often learned from our parents, friends, teachers, and other influential people in our lives. If we were constantly told as children that we were stupid or worthless, then those negative messages were recorded in our brains and will likely stay with us into adulthood. On the other hand, if we were encouraged to always strive for our best and told that we could achieve anything we set our minds to, then those positive messages will also stay with us throughout our lives.


Self-talk can be a very useful tool for managing stress and anxiety, setting goals, and building self-confidence. It can also help us to stay motivated and focused when pursuing our dreams. Self-talk can affect everything from our mood and eating habits to our relationships and overall satisfaction with life.

With Self-Talk within the Theta waves state, you will be able to re-wire your brain. This is the exact same setup that created all your existing beliefs and habits during the first 7 years of your childhood. But in order to record information permanently, and for neuroplasticity to occur in the theta waves state, you need to reiterate the information many times. You need a good dose of repetition.

Think about this: you did not learn the alphabet the first time you read it. You needed to study the order of the letters many times until it was permanently recorded in your brain. As for learning any sports or hobby, you need to practice until it becomes a habit. You can master any skill with practice and repetition.

Now you have a complete set of elements that can help you successfully tap into your brain, and tune into the learning state. Like when you were a child, the Theta wave state facilitates recording in your sub-conscience the programs that will help you face the challenges of life. These programs can be tailored to your benefit via positive self-talk and repetition. This is how it was done when you were a child.

You can benefit immensely if you bombard your conscious and subconscious mind with positive affirmations. But you can also be more strategic and make a list of bad habits and erroneous beliefs that you want to modify, and based on this honest inventory, make a list of sentences to tackle them with repetition. In no time, you will be amazed at how these programs shifted to new beliefs. Even better, you will start feeling how these new programs are starting to push you forward with a better attitude to achieve your goals.

Thanks to the magic of technology, you can record your self-talks and digitally play them when you are in your Theta waves state. They are always beneficial anytime from anywhere. But you will find the best effect when you are relaxed in your Theta waves state.

There are many online sources on the internet selling pre-recorded self-talks for most areas of human development. You may find them effective. The idea is that you feel comfortable and that you select affirmations intended to target and re-write old habits that are working against you.

Neurofeedback – Monitor Brain Wave with Wearable Devices

Brain waves are traditionally monitored with an electroencephalography (EEG) machine. This machine measures the electrical activity of the brain and produces wave patterns. Neurology classifies brain waves into five types: gamma, beta, alpha, theta, and delta. Each type of brain wave activity has a different frequency and is associated with different states of consciousness.

Many people with brain wave imbalance benefit from a personal monitoring device in order to get frequent brain wave activity feedback that helps to train the brain. The brain wave activity determines what we feel and what we do. For instance, people with insomnia most probably have agitated brain waves in the high beta or gamma frequencies. It would be impossible for this person to reach delta waves while oscillating in higher frequencies. A calming routine would need to take place.

Neurofeedback is an excellent way to train the brain to reach and maintain desired mental state. There are Brainwave wearable devices on the market that can be used effectively to monitor brain waves. They provide effective reports on the current state of your brain, which in turn, will help you to apply strategies to reach your desired state of mind. We have compiled a list of some of the best options on the market:

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Conclusions and Recommendations

The programs that you carry in your mind into adolescence and adulthood are strong habits that were engrained in your brain. They run automatically. They cannot be changed or modified with simple and conscious thoughts since they are habits recorded in the sub-conscience mind.

Using the same techniques as a hypnotherapist, you can tap into your subconscious mind and replace bad habits and beliefs. This is accomplished by bringing your mind to the theta waves state of your brain – the same state used in hypnosis and the exact same state that you were in when you were a child.

Your brain waves react in accordance with what you feel and experience in life. There are five types of brainwaves oscillating in different frequencies: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. Theta is the brain state that oscillates just before you fall asleep. Theta oscillations are associated with learning and neuroplasticity.

In this article, we show you how you can reach the Theta waves state through meditation, binaural beats, and isochronic tones. Once you reach the theta waves state, you can program your subconscious mind by inserting positive and encouraging affirmations with self-talk and repetition. This is the exact same way you learned all your habits and beliefs when you were a child.

We also discussed how you can become your own hypnotherapist from the comfort of your home assisted by portable brain wave devices and the use of Neurofeedback. By monitoring your brain waves you can understand your brain activities and strategically apply relaxing techniques to bring your mind to comfort. You can bring your waves to theta, and build the confident, happy, and successful human being that you always dreamed to be.

Discover more fascinating, science-backed articles on rewiring your brain listed below in our related content!

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